Vintage Skirt make-over

Regular customer, and long time vintage wearing enthusiast, Zoe came to me with a project recently. She was rummaging in a vintage shop and came across an [ugly] skirt that no-one wanted

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Handbag Happiness

Once upon a time, quite a long time ago, I lived an uncomplicated life of drinking coffee, sleeping in, walking without purpose with my camera and crafting until dawn. At the height of my totally blissful egocentric existence, I resided alone, with cats, in a 17 foot 1979 Monza single axle caravan, in a quiet […]

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Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre

I was recently tasked with choosing a rendezvous for a family meet up, to exchange my mother and niece to my sisters car for the second half of their South West trip from Newquay to Bridport. I had been wanting to engineer an excuse visit Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre for such a long time, but […]

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Happy Anniversary Sue & Ray

Sue was unwittingly responsible for the final nudge required for me to actually start my business.
Her advertisement simply read ‘Do you make vintage style clothes?’ to which I replied, ‘Yes, I do, what are you looking for?’…

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