On why I’m finally OK with saying No


This isn’t just an elaborate explanation of why I’m no longer doing any alterations or repairs (although true) or why I will never again accept the invitation to ‘quickly make up some curtains’ (I won’t); this is my final admission to myself that I have wandered too far from the path, and I’m making some changes

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Laura whole wedding party

Two years, three months and some weeks since deciding my business name and purchasing the domain names… I have finally given the website the time it deserved. Silly procrastination! It took over a year just to find the drive to choose a suitable aesthetic direction.

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The Beginning

The Curious Tinker began in 2013 roughly 15 years after I identified it was what I most wanted to do in life. Having completed 4 years of fashion and textiles at Art College, I decided that although sewing was my favourite thing in the world, it was something …

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