Hi, I'm Cathy, The Curious Tinker. I like to sew and make vintage dresses. This is my diary of stuff and things about sewing and fashion, nostalgia and thrifting. Some musings on life and the constant frustration of time are very likely; mostly though, it's little windows into my creative processes and some pretty pictures Enjoy!

Vintage Skirt make-over

'ugly' skirt

Regular customer, and long time vintage wearing enthusiast, Zoe came to me with a project recently. She was rummaging in a vintage shop and came across an [ugly] skirt that no-one wanted

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On why I’m finally OK with saying No


This isn’t just an elaborate explanation of why I’m no longer doing any alterations or repairs (although true) or why I will never again accept the invitation to ‘quickly make up some curtains’ (I won’t); this is my final admission to myself that I have wandered too far from the path, and I’m making some changes

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