May 23, 2016

Happy Anniversary Sue & Ray

Sue was unwittingly responsible for the final nudge required for me to actually start my business.
Her advertisement simply read ‘Do you make vintage style clothes?’ to which I replied, ‘Yes, I do, what are you looking for?’…
Sue was planning a Vintage Fair in Wadebridge along side the ‘Memory Cafe‘ project, which provides support and events for those effected by Alzheimers. Sue’s fair saw me smash together a vintage reproduction collection in a frenzy of activity such as I had not experienced since my final show at college; but the real joy of the event was the visitors.
It was my first Vintage fair as a trader, and being a Memory Cafe event meant that elderly men and women bubbled with nostalgia and recollections all day. The power of an object, a fabric, a piece of music or a smell, arousing distant snapshots of their lives, sparking smiles and tears and joy. Such a beautiful thing to be a part of, I had so many unexpected and touching conversations that day.
This was the day that Sue asked me to make her wedding dress.
It was some time later when the date was set and the work began; but the pleasure of working with a decisive woman of vision and style was a pleasure from the start.
Here’s what Sue has to say on our dressmaking adventures together:

I was a bride with a wedding already under her garter and as a mature bride, I wanted something bespoke and personal, with a vintage feel that I could easily wear again.
I sent Cathy a picture of the sort of thing I wanted and hey presto, she drew and made up a pattern….talent right there!

I was invited to be measured and we talked about fabric, finishing’s and buttons.
I sourced the fabric and I had some vintage buttons that I thought would complement the dress.

Cathy kept me abreast of all that was happening at all times and I was always relaxed about the creation of my dress…it was in very safe and talented hands!
I remember receiving a text from Cathy it said `Your dress is looking even more beautiful than I imagined, I can`t wait to see you in it!`…these are the personal touches that make all the difference.

If you are looking for a ‘unique vintage outfit’ for a special occasion, whether it be for your ‘big day’, bridesmaid, prom or maybe a christening outfit, then I can sincerely recommend ‘The Curious Tinker’, better known to me as Cathy, to hold your hand as you create a beautiful garment that will make you feel like a million dollars!”
Sue x

Susan Horwell is a powerhouse of community goodness in Cornwall and I am proud to endorse her businesses Aunties Deckchairs featured here in Wed Magazine; and Journey to Heaven

2 Comments on “Happy Anniversary Sue & Ray

Clare Greenwood
May 23, 2016 at 10:36 pm

I was at the same Vintage Fair and I still love the top I bought from you that day!

I think you made a fabulous dress for Sue who still looks like the radiant bride, a year on.
Good luck with your business.

Cathy Thomas
May 24, 2016 at 8:18 am

Thanks Clare, so nice to hear from you! Your website looks fab! X


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