January 1, 2016


Two years, three months and some weeks since deciding my business name and purchasing the domain names… I have finally given the website the time it deserved. Silly procrastination! It took over a year just to find the drive to choose a suitable aesthetic direction. The admin log regularly reminded me just how long it had been since I last edited anything and although it crossed my mind at least every week for the last 120+ weeks, my website has lost out almost every time to something more important, or less scary.

There are a multitude of excuses here, mainly that I prefer sewing and already know how to make dresses (I’m not as good at making web content, yet!). I spent the first year as full time facilitator to my sons every whim alongside a part time job; and the second year fully booked with Bridal commissions whilst enduring a difficult pregnancy, which resulted in a baby who doesn’t care that I ignored my empty web template for 2 years already…

…the actual, bottom line, honest truth of the matter is…It’s utterly terrifying. I made it into such a huge thing and I guess it sort of is.

Fortunately I have a wonderfully talented boyfriend who, aside from being a wonderful father, is also a web/graphics super hero…and also very patient! Realistically, I’ve just been finding a way to feel as shiny and confident in myself as the shiny and confident website is about the super awesome dresses I make, so here goes.

I know my venture will find its way to an audience who adores it the way I do, because the Vintage Sisterhood will see to it.

Cathy x

One Comment on “Launch-tastic!

Eve Dawe
January 8, 2016 at 10:04 am

Congratulations on your website launch. I have enjoyed looking at your vintage styles and being old enough to remember them first time around it was like a trip down memory lane. Unfortunately I no longer have the figure to wear them but I shall keep looking !
I am sure once the “retro” fans see them the orders will start rolling in!
Well done and good luck.


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