December 10, 2015

The Beginning

The Curious Tinker began in 2013 roughly 15 years after I identified it was what I most wanted to do in life. Having completed 4 years of fashion and textiles at Art College, I decided that although sewing was my favourite thing in the world, it was something to do later, and later is a horribly open-ended excuse for ignoring your dreams.

Fortunately all the years I spent in hospitality management and accounting has proven useful in setting up my own business and thankfully, I didn’t forget how to sew.
Becoming a parent and addressing my work/life balance helped me realise that there is no great hurry, so long as you’re having fun and doing what you love; but you must keep chasing the dream!

Today, thanks to all of you, my customers and fellow vintage lovers, I spend every minute possible in my home studio, sewing, cutting, designing, dreaming, researching, buying and networking… Creating Smashing Frocks,

Curiously Tinkering

Cathy x

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